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Make your presence felt in the Education industry by promoting yourself in the weekly pullout by Anandabazar Patrika named 'Prostuti'! Advertise your preparedness to be the perfect education guide to all those novices and wandering minds! Utilize this platform as a suggestion tool for students in order to help them choose between different educational fields, opportunities, and institutes. Place your display ad on this page by selecting the ad type (color or black and white), and ad size (Full page, Quarter page, Half page). Upload your ad matter or customize the ad templates and proceed to book your ad!

Booking Deadline
2 day prior to release date
Minimum Size
5cms (W) x 6cms (H)
Minimum Size
5 cms (W) x 6cms (H)

Where is Prostuti published from ?


Location Publishing Days Ad Rate Starting From
Kolkata (Mon - Thurs)Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,ThursdayRs. 1805 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Kolkata (Fri - Sun)Sunday,Friday,SaturdayRs. 1805 /sqcmBOOK NOW
South BengalAll DaysRs. 1380 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BurdwanAll DaysRs. 350 /sqcmBOOK NOW
North BengalAll DaysRs. 470 /sqcmBOOK NOW
North and South 24 PgsAll DaysRs. 605 /sqcmBOOK NOW
HooghlyAll DaysRs. 605 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NadiaAll DaysRs. 280 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MurshidabadAll DaysRs. 280 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BirbhumAll DaysRs. 225 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BankuraAll DaysRs. 225 /sqcmBOOK NOW
HowrahAll DaysRs. 605 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MedinipurAll DaysRs. 330 /sqcmBOOK NOW
PuruliaAll DaysRs. 225 /sqcmBOOK NOW

Innovation Option


Jacket Full Page Ad
33cm x 52cm
These display ads are placed on the Front Page of the newspaper on both the sides. They are available in the dimensions of 33 cm X 48cm
Half jackets Ad
16.5cm x 52cm
These display ads appear on half of the front page in a newspaper. Half-Jacket ads are available in 16.5 cm X 52 cm dimensions.
Book Mark Ad
3cm x 52cm
Bookmark ads peek out of the newspapers just like a normal bookmark marking the page where your ad has appeared. You can choose to book a full/half-page ad in this case.
Pointers Ad
4cm x 5 cm
Pointer ad appears on the left-most column of the main page. This small ad appears in 4 cm X 5 cm size.
SkyBus Ad
33cm X 5cm
These ads materialize under the masthead of the newspaper in the main page and are 33 cm in length and 5cm in width
Advertorial Ad
Any Size
Publish an article about your product / service - to be placed alongside regular editorial content. You get to choose your headline, text & visuals.

Why advertise in Prostuti ?

WHY ADVERTISE IN Anandabazar Patrika Prostuti?

The fame and name of Prostuti is driven by certain factors as are mentioned below:

  • Anandabazar Patrika has a circulation of about 1.28 million single edition copies every single day & that too as a regional newspaper. Its reach & influence has earned for it millions of trusting readers who rely on every brand that is associated with ABP
  • Prostuti, releases career counseling articles, education or academic editorials to help guide the careers of recent high school pass outs, making it an ideal platform to advertise or promote Colleges, Management Institutes, Coaching Institutes & all other educational organizations

Advertise your ‘preparedness’ to be the perfect education guide to all those novices and wandering minds with Anandabazar Patrika’s ‘Prostuti’!!!

To make sure that your Display advert clears all editorial guidelines, please keep the following points in mind while placing an ad in ABP Prostuti:

  • Ad Type: Like all other supplements, Prostuti as well allows you to book only Display advertisements & has no dedicated classifieds section
  • Focus Day: The ABP education pullout is released every Monday along with the main newspaper
  • Ad Size: The minimum display ad size for the ad to be published in Prostuti should be at least 4 cm (length) X 4cm (width)

Anandabazar Patrika is the most widely circulated Bengali, regional newspaper & ‘Prostuti’ which translates to ‘readiness’ or ‘preparedness’ is the renowned education supplement for the same. Make your presence felt in the Education industry by promoting yourself in the weekly pullout 'Prostuti'!!

Anandabazar Patrika’s Prostuti has risen to fame as a platform for ideal career guidance, mainly for the students in the region of West Bengal, during the last decade & has helped the careers of several fresh students looking for higher education.